Ice out 2017 happened nearly everywhere in the northern reaches of the mitten over the past three days. Reports of ice vanishing from the lakes were being heard from East Jordan to Indian River, north to Naubinway and west all the way to Crystal Falls.

It seems that spring is truly in the air and in the water.

Any good fisherman knows that some fish respond very well to the disappearance of ice from the surface of lakes, ponds and rivers. Some say the best Perch fishing of the year is right now. Others say the same about Walleye and Steelhead.

Others say it is just a good sign that warmer days lie ahead and beaches from Grand Haven to Port Austin will beckon us to run like children with sand between our toes. The most magnificent sunsets in the world can be found along our shorelines on big lakes and small.

Here’s to summer 2017 may you be as magnificent as I imagine you and may the dreams of children dance in the moonlight. May the fireflies sparkle in our imagination and may the memories be those that we call the best times of our lives. Here is to Michigan my friends and all the magical days that lie ahead.

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