The Mayor of Lansing Virgil Bernero was on the Fox News Show Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the Lansing City Commission vote to become a Sanctuary City last Monday.

That vote by the way was unanimous 6 – 0.

Tucker wanted to discuss Attorney General Jeff Sesson’s plan to withhold federal Department of Justice grants from cities that have decided to not enforce federal immigration law.

Tucker asked Mayor Bernero if it was ok to for U.S. cities to ignore federal law. Mayor Bernero stated that it was not proper to ignore federal law.

Well if that is true what does it mean to the city of Lansing and their citizens if the City Commission has voted to become a Sanctuary City?  It is still unclear what the vote Monday night actually meant.  Will the city of Lansing follow federal law or not?

The jury is still out on that question.  Click on the link below to view Mayor Bernero’s appearance on the Tucker Carlson Tonight show and determine for yourself if Mayor Bernero actually answered the question or not?

What did you think of the Mayor’s appearance on the show?

Did Mayor Bernero represent the citizens of Lansing and Michigan well?

Should cities that do not follow federal law have taxpayer federal monies withheld from them?

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