The right and Trump supporters universally applauded General James Mattis when he was selected Secretary of Defense because he is no non-sense straight shooting military man with tremendous experience. Now many on the right appear to be fair weather friends. Calling the airstrike against the Assad regime in Syria something that will cause Trump voters and supporters to pull back. They say those that voted for the President will no longer be in his corner.

Really? I find that awfully hard to believe.

The right threw a fit when Barack Obama did nothing when Bassar Al Assad killed his own people in 2013. Obama had drawn a red line in the sand but when it was crossed he abdicated his responsibilities and went to back of the line in an effort to lead from there.

I read with great interest Mike Cernovich, Mike Gallagher and other self appointed leaders from the right denounce the actions taken by President Trump in response to the grotesque slaughter of civilians in a years long civil war. The President then called on the nations of the world to bring an end the blood shed.

Will Trump be able to bring Vladamir Putin to the table or convince Assad that it is time to go? I have no idea but the notion that somehow Trump, by launching a limited and targeted attack on military bases to show the world the United States will not stand idly by while civilians are killed with poison gas, including young children, is off base.

Isn’t America supposed to stand up for those that cannot defend themselves? Aren’t we the nation that comes to protect the little guy? I mean the United Nations has been an abject failure since it’s inception at stopping this kind of carnage. Maybe it’s time for the world to realize the United States is back and serious about defending people against grotesque human rights violations.

I do not want another war and I do not want American troops headed for Syria now or ever but I do believe we have a moral responsibility to crush those that would use chemical weapons to kill their own people. It is the same reason I have always been fine with The United States destroying and ultimately killing Saddam Hussein. He was a beast the used gas on the Kurds and other civilians. I do not like that no thought was put into how to end the war but taking out Saddam was then and is today the right call. If Assad is gassing his own people then he to shuld be shown swiftly to the gates of hell!

Prior to World War Two the majority of Americans were against any involvement in Europe’s War; they were wrong. Today we have an obligation morally to defend those that cannot defend themselves. We also have a moral responsibility to crush radical ideologies that keep people in chains and women as second class citizens. These two concepts may collide very soon on the streets of Damascus but for now lets see what happens when the dust settles on whats left of the military bases President Trump took out with five dozen Tomahawks.

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