Donald Trump sent the world the second clear message in less than a week. This time the President authorized the use of The Mother of All Bombs to be dropped on the heads of ISIS in a remote region of Afghanistan.

The MOAB had never before been used on the battlefield. It weighs in at over 21,000 pounds and it is the biggest weapon in the United States arsenal that is not a nuclear bomb. It detonates above the ground with devastating effect. The bomb leaves a crater of more than a mile wide. The plum reaches more than 10,000 feet into the air.

President Trump said during comments to the press today that he gave authorization to his military team to make the call to crush the ISIS nerve center that was a labyrinth of tunnels and bunkers and military supplies.

PS- if you haven’t gotten the memo yet; there is a new President with a new policy of destroying those that use chemical weapons and pounding into dust terrorist organizations that attack America and her allies.

Don’t look now but here comes another reminder of American leadership re-asserting itself from the sky. Go ahead put just one finger over the line and see how that works out.

It may seem a bit off color but Donald Trump knows size matters when sending a message to the world!

North Korea, are you listening?

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