My entire life I have witnessed the mass killing of civilians in Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Darfur, Somalia and a host of other nations across the planet as the United Nations did little if anything to stop the carnage. They would of course hold perfunctory meetings to discuss the carnage and ethnic cleansing of thousands and sometimes millions of people while they did nothing to make the violence come to an end.

The term impotence when it comes to a governmental body is the very definition of the United Nations. Woodrow Wilson’s vision of a world body that came to be known as the League of Nations failed outright in the tsunami of World War II. The United Nations has been no more successful over the course of time. Bodies stack up alongside the platitudes of peace on earth.

The latest vile calling card of despots is dead children in Syria. They succumbed to the poisonous gas unleashed upon them by their leader Bashir Assad. He ruthless fight to maintain power knows no decency in the pages of human events.

Someday soon the United Nations will also crumble into the licking flames and ash heap of history. Another failed experiment of socialist thought. You see nations much like individuals will ultimately look out for their own best interests and ignore the concerns of others. Their advancement can certainly benefit others but the first order of business is always what is best for them.

Looking out for number one is true in international politics as well as it is for the individual.

Keep that in mind when the dead children pile up in various hellholes around the world. The United Nations has other priorities driven by people with other priorities that will almost certainly not include the dead kids on the doorstep.

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