By some reporting there was approximately 400 people demonstrating in downtown Detroit demanding that President Trump release his tax returns.  There were also people in Ann Arbor, Farmington, Hamtramck, Grand Rapids, Pentwater and Marquette who demonstrated for the release of those same tax returns.

There was a nationwide effort funded by unknown groups who organized and orchestrated these demonstrations but that is not my real concern.

My question for all of you is: do you care what his tax returns look like as long as his accountants did nothing illegal?

If they did submit an illegal tax return over the years you could bet the IRS would have pursued a case against him and it would have been publicized during his presidential campaign.  It is my understanding he is audited every year.

All presidential candidates must file financial disclosures forms which include among other things assets, income and debt.  In fact Presidential candidate Donald Trump did submit his financial disclosure form which was published by the Washington Post.

The second question I have is should anyone who publicly demands his tax returns be made public have to then make their tax returns public?

To be fair, President Trump is the first major party nominee in more than 40 years to not release his tax returns.

In Berkeley California 13 people were arrested after violence erupted at their demonstrations.  Officials stated that officers confiscated knives, flagpoles, helmets and sticks with signs on them.  These sticks with signs on them were being used as weapons.

Another question I have is why are so many Democrat/Liberal demonstrations becoming so violent?  It appears the tactic of the Democrat/Liberal party these days is to resort to violence and that really should be a national story and discussion, but it is not.  I say to my fellow Americans who identify with the Democrat party, this is what your Democrat party is today either embrace it or leave it.

Back to the question of the release of President Trump’s tax return, if he was to release them what would it matter to you?  I never went and looked at President Obama’s or any other previous president’s tax return, did you?

As long as their assets are in a blind trust and they lawfully fill out and submit their financial disclosure forms it is fine with me, how about you.

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