A bill to allow bars to stay open until 4 a.m. on weekends has been approved by the Michigan Senate.

The bill is now headed to the House after it passed the Senate with a 22-14 vote Thursday.

If bars and restaurants are willing to pay an annual fee of $10,000 to sell alcoholic beverages until 4 a.m. they would be supporting communities where permits are issued. The money would be divided in three ways. Five percent of funds collected would benefit local police, 10 percent would be devoted to the state Liquor Control Commission, and five percent would go to the community.

The bill was sponsored by Senator Virgil Smith, a Democrat from Detroit.  He proposed the legislation so that downtown businesses could gain the same status as bars and restaurants in other major cities.

According to Michigan Alcohol Policy spokesperson, Mike Tobias, the change would be "terrible" for the safety of the public and could put their health at risk.