A package of bills are being considered in Michigan's House of Representatives that would do the following:

  • increase speed limits up to 80 mph on rural expressways


  • points on drivers' licenses for tickets of 5 mph or less over the speed limit would be eliminated

The Michigan State Police would need to perform speed studies on rural highways to determine the appropriate amount to increase the speed limits.

These studies will be will be based on a theory named the "85th percentile theory." This theory shows that 85 percent of the people on the roadways are driving at speeds they feel comfortable with, regardless of the speed limit.

In written testimony given to the Transportation committee, James Walker of the National Motorists Association, said the bills are plain common sense, according to the Lansing State Journal.

"One thing the bills will do that every Michigan driver should appreciate, is to make speed traps with under-posted limits impossible to maintain," Walker told the Lansing State Journal. "The only real reason anyone could object to these bills is to protect speed trap revenue."

A bill which was comparable to the House bill was introduced in the Senate earlier this year, but for some unknown reason (election possibly), it never got a committee hearing. Low and behold, the Senate committee is expected to vote on the bill next week.

Do you believe driving faster than 70 mph on rural highways is unwise?

Will this cause more accidents, injuries and death?

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