Michigan State Police beefing up patrols as part of the long Thanksgiving holiday travel period hoping to save lives....and it looks like they did!

The Associated Press is reporting that 9 people died on state roadways from November 26-30 this year.  That is down 25% from the previous year.

High visibility enforcement was helped in large part by federal highway safety funding over the five-day holiday period.  Officers were looking for speeders or other aggressive drivers, impaired drivers using alcohol or drugs, and those not wearing a seat belt.

Officials say preliminary numbers not only indicate that there were fewer to lose their lives on Michigan roads during the travel period, but many fewer accidents involved alcohol.

Officials say the numbers are as of early Monday and could change if those hurt in accidents succumb to their injuries.   They are still, though, viewing the numbers as a sign that drivers may finally be getting the message of the dangers of drinking and driving and failing to wear a safety restraint.

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