Getty Images By: Justin Sullivan

Did you know there was a bill to lower the weight of heavy commercial trucks in Michigan?

Did you also know that Michigan has the highest in the nation weight limits on those commercial trucks?

Well there was and the Senate yesterday voted it down, and we do have the highest in the nation weight limits on commercial trucks

A bill sponsored and introduced by State Senator Steve Bieda, D-Warren, had proposed decreasing the 164,000-pound limit for an 11-axle truck to 80,000 pounds spread across five axles.

Yesterday Michigan's Senate defeated the bill 15-22, with 3 Republicans joining the 12-member Democratic caucus in voting in favor of the change.

Apparently the 80,000-pound limit would put Michigan's weight restrictions more in line with neighboring states.

Something to think about thought, the opponents to the bill pointed out reducing the weight limit would cause even more damage to the roads because the 164,000 pounds are spread over 11 axles (14,909 pounds per axle), whereas the 80,000 pounds would have to be spread only over five axles (16,000 pounds per axle).

According to data from the Secretary of State’s office 6,385 trucks or 8% of the 79,895 commercial trucks registered in 2012 were designed to carry loads of more than 80,000 pounds.

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, told The Detroit News. “It’s not dead, It just hasn’t had the work that it deserved.”

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