The Michigan State Senate is very close to approving legislation what would update the rules for how children should be buckled up in vehicles.

New safety standards for children riding in vehicles headed to Michigan.
Photo by Fernando Camino/Cover/Getty Images

Currently Michigan requires caretakers to put all children under 4 in the back seat in a safety seat. It also requires that until children are 4-feet-9 or 8 years old they be harnessed in a booster seat.

The new legislation would align Michigan standards with those recommended by the federal government and pediatricians. It is expected that the new legislation will be sent to the House on Thursday.

All kids who weigh less than 30 pounds or are under 2 would now be put in rear facing car seats. Once the child is between 30-50 pounds or 2-4 years old they will be allowed to sit in forward-facing safety seats. Finally children under 4-feet-9 and at least 50 pounds, or ages 5-9 would have to sit in booster seats.