John Droz is an independent physicist and national energy expert, from North Carolina.


The Four Pillars Supporting Climate Change Claims.


Steve Gruber : And the one I just mentioned is one of those John welcome to the program
John Droz: Steve. Thank you. Glad to be with you.
Steve Gruber: Yeah, computer models extreme weather events, the claimed consensus a scientist and the International Panel on climate change. Those are the four pillars, correct?
John Droz:  That's correct. So if you talk to Citizens or government legislators or environmentalist or whoever and say, you know, what's the rationale behind your belief and climate change? JH they will inevitably site one or more of those four reasons.
Steve Gruber:  All right, so I know that extreme weather events are actually less today than they were the year. I was born now. That doesn't mean they're not going to come back there cyclical in my estimation and but right now are we not in a very calm period for tornadoes and hurricanes
John Droz: Well, I'm not a meteorologist. But from what I know, yes, but I think the important thing is what you said.

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