The United States Postal Service worked illegally in cooperation with union leaders in several battleground states to give time off to employees who wanted to work on the campaign of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. The bombshell revelation about illegal activity was exposed today during a hearing on the matter in front of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

During the extraordinary testimony officials from the Office of Special Counsel and the Postal Service Inspector Generals office testified that high-level officials routinely pressured local managers to release letter carriers and others for extended periods of time to campaign for Clinton and others and nearly all of the illegal activity occurred in key swing states including: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Nevada.

When managers refused the pressure they were ordered to allow the leaves of absence by high-level Post Office officials according to William Siemer the acting Deputy Director for the USPS William Siemer. So far Siemer says nearly 100 letter carriers have been identified that were granted special leave to campaign for and work to get Clinton and other Democrats elected. Siemer testified that some were given as much as 50 days off for the effort. Every single employee that was found to be violating the law belonged to the National Association of Letter Carriers.

82% of the illegal activity identified took place in the six states listed. It is nice to know that the Post Office is just as inefficient working on campaigns as it is everywhere else. I mean after all of those violations, Hillary Clinton won only one of those states, Nevada. Ironically there are numerous allegations of irregularities in Nevada and currently there are investigations looking into voting problems there.

Adam Miles the acting director for the Office of Special Counsel said in his opening remarks to the Senate Committee that the blatant conspiracy between the USPS and the NALC to promote the candidates of their choice violated the Hatch Act.

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