God only made one truly defenseless creature, sheep. They are not armed with sharp teeth, hard horns or pointed antlers to defend themselves.  They have no speed with which to escape danger. They have no cunning to outwit the enemy. Let’s be honest, they don’t have much for brains either. Sheep are slow, they taste good and they’re stupid. This is not a recipe for success but is a great start for a braised leg of lamb.

Sheep are screwed. We will be too unless we grow some teeth and start biting back at the bullshit that is spread upon us each day. Being slow, dumb and delicious is just no way to live. There just isn’t any future in it either. This is also true when it comes to politics. Being timid has no place in the fight for America and Western values, which are both valid causes in which to fight and a battle that I believe has been going on my entire life.

My father taught me about sheep during our many days spent in the woods and on the waters of Michigan. My father would often ask point blank, “do you want the truth or do you want me to make you feel good.” I think of that nearly every day. These days I hear people soft peddle ideas or avoid conflict altogether because it may step on somebody’s toes. I hear the term ‘silent majority’ and wonder if that’s really true. Then I smile and think of my father. I am not sure how often he was in the majority but he was rarely silent.

My dad graduated from Michigan State University in Fisheries and Wildlife, so his observations of the wild world around us were well grounded in science and bolstered by literally thousands of hours of real life observations. I was blessed by his knowledge and I was also often scorched by his blunt comments about just about everything. Often that meant tough, scathing reviews of myself, my brothers and just about anyone that irritated his sense of right and wrong. Sometimes I think he just wanted to pick a fight for sport. When it came to an argument it was often who was the loudest, not who delivered the best argument.

I’ll be honest my father would have liked some things about President Trump and would have rejected others. Overall I see a lot of my dad when I hear The President speak. My father could be a bit loose and fast with the facts but his arguments were usually built on sound principles. He had a tendency to exaggerate to make a point and win the discussion.

My father was often ornery and I am convinced that if he’d been around long enough to figure out Twitter he would have been a volatile operator in the abyss of social media. Late at night or early in the morning left to his own assumptions of the world he could have been a harsh critic. He was already a harsh critic of what has come to be called the ‘fake news.’ He didn’t care much for those on the news although I think he liked it a bit more during my time in that field.

What he may have missed however before his death in 2005, was the direct comparison of sheep wandering in a pasture to literally millions of people that walk through life each day in America with a vapid gaze in their eyes and dried spittle on the corners of their collective mouths. These masses of teeming flesh are seemingly oblivious to threats all around them and are nearly identical in their willingness to be driven in one direction or another with ample noise, confusion and misinformation. Sheep will stampede over a cliff to their deaths without ever slowing down. My father would have had some direct comments about the behavior of those sheep and people that seem to be just like them.

People with misguided ideas and ideologies will mindlessly follow those in front of them without questioning why or where they are going. If led in the right direction and whipped into a frenzy, they too will go hurtling off the cliff. The herd mentality has become all too common in America today and groupthink is stealing real ideas along with real debate and challenging dialogue. My father would have never stood silently by while poorly educated snot nosed college kids tried to impress him with their clever comments and misguided ideals.

My father was the first to point out the sad reality of grade inflation in this country. He pointed out that on many levels kids are given watered down academics and flattering grades because that’s easier than battling with their parents.

As I look around America today I’ve concluded, I walk among sheep.

More alarming however is this, if something doesn’t change we’re all screwed. These legions of new-age-leftists pontificate from the pulpits of Facebook and Twitter while using iPhones to decry the evils of capitalism and Western Civilization. They gather in mobs and hurl rocks and bottles at those that don’t adhere to their zealous faith in Marxism and Socialism. They run down and pummel those who dare think differently; beating them bloody while screaming they are fascists. Sadly these punks cannot even define the word.

These self-inflated, self-appointed purveyors of all knowledge cannot tell you much about much of anything I’ve learned. They can give you a half-assed dissertation on Gender Identity and the crisis it presents and can bury you in a blizzard of irrelevant points to make sure you understand they take Global Warming seriously. They are sure to let you know if you don’t agree you must be a bigoted, misogynist and of course a denier.

What they cannot tell you about is Josef Stalin, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot and host of other maniacal, murderous tyrants who murdered tens of millions of their own people during the 20th Century. They are unable to explain how during this the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution why not one single Communist/Socialist/Marxist nation has ever succeeded over that 100-year period.

They don’t know who Adam Smith is or how he helped build the foundation for America. They cannot explain what Thomas Jefferson knew about the Barbary Pirates and why he decided to kill them instead of making a deal. They don’t even know what Concord Bridge is, who died there, what the Manhatten Project was, who it saved or how Ronald Reagan broke the back of darkness and tyranny when he stood up to The Soviet Union without blinking.

These sheep roam around with super computers in their pockets and yet they have less classical education than an 8th grader in 1941. By the way Americans had an average of an 8th grade education when we won the World War. I mean when we won both World Wars. Yes, America won the wars. We had help and a lot of it from our allies but make no mistake we won them both and without The United States the world would be very different today.

These fools would give it all away with the false belief that somehow all people can just get along. I am sorry but there are people on the planet that want to kill my family, my dog and me. They want to kill each and every one of us every single day. That will not change until they are dead. That will not change in a year, or ten years or one hundred years. These fools however are insulated from the truth by pictures of what their friends are having for lunch, how their favorite pop star insulted The President and what athlete got arrested for drunk driving. There are a hundred distractions and a million reasons to ignore everything but what they are told to think on the device in their hand.

I don’t expect this to get better any time soon because I live on the ‘Electrified Animal Farm’.

Millions of people are pushed, prodded and harassed by an endless bombardment of instantaneous electronic messages fired at them at a rate so fast most of them

can’t even react. It is rapid fire, loud and constant. It is getting the sheep in a frenzy they are getting agitated and starting to run. The cliff isn’t too far in the distance. Be careful because when they pick up speed they could carry you along in the noise and confusion.

You will need to stop, stand your ground and declare no more. I may walk among sheep but I am not required to charge over the cliff with these imbeciles.

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