I am sitting here watching the latest continuous TV ‘news’ attack on President Donald Trump over the allegations of collusion with the Russians. Not one thinking person I know, not Republican or Democrat actually believes Trump had anything to do with working with the Russians to swing the election in some nefarious way but that doesn’t slow down the endless stories on CNN, NBC, The Washington Post and a host of other outlets.

Donald Trump Jr. threw gas on the continuous fire of hard alt-left liberal narrative and provided fuel to keep the story going. For most Americans the whole Russian story has been tuned out for weeks now but it remains a constant buzz of white noise in the background. It's on TV’s in airports and bars. It sneaks in on the radio, even stations that don’t pay much attention. It's regurgitated on the so-called comedy shows that are on late each night. It is the wallpaper spread all over the checkout line at the supermarket. It seeps into our jobs and our homes a bit even when we are not paying attention.

I’ve asked dozens of Trump supporters if any of it affects their vote. No is the resounding answer. 47% of America remains steadfast in it’s resolve to support Trump and his drive for lower regulations, a stronger economy and security against terrorism.

So what does the constant drip matter? Trust me it matters.

You see Trump supporters have not been swayed but those on the left are pushing the story so hard they are building for a push at the polls in 2018 that would motivate thousands to go vote that didn’t bother in 2016. Remember the narrow margin of victory for Trump. His victory was delivered by a trifecta in Michigan, with a margin of 10,000 votes; Wisconsin by 22,000 votes and Pennsylvania by 34,000 vote. It is a razor thin margin and the constant refrain of anti-Trump messaging by the former news outlets and their partners in Hollywood it could really affect the outcome.

If Democrats come out big in 2018 and that is a possibility and they win the White House in 2020 which is also possible then this could be the death of any chance conservative ideas have going forward. Neil Gorsuch could well become a trophy to the last championship for liberty ever won in America.

If Liberals take power again don’t expect a congenial and engaging conversation but rather a vindictive and punishing assault on all things conservatives hold dear. Taxes will rise. Funding for abortions from tax dollars will be joined by gender re-assignment surgery, an expansion of the things you cannot say or for that matter even think. There will be a dramatic increase in money spent on experiments and theories like Global Warming and renewable energy sources.

The divide between Red and Blue states will become a widening gulf. The divide between urban and rural areas will be even more dramatic. The fracturing of America will be accelerated not the other way around but that will be the false flag Democrats will be running on next year.

Several other ideas once considered far too radical to discuss are going to be pushed to the forefront if the Democrats are put back in charge. These radical ideas will include tearing down the electoral college so that we will elect the President by popular vote which would strip smaller states and rural areas of nearly any representation. Another idea that will be put forward will be Universal Basic Income or UBI, the ultimate welfare plan for all that will also include a provision for reparations to certain classes of people of color. Look for other radical ideas to be pushed like on board computers in every car that will determine your tax for how many miles you drive that will also be used to restrict how much energy you can use each month. Similar ideas will apply to how much energy we can use at home and at work too.

I put this on the table because what I find most irritating is the nearly complete lack of support the White House has gotten from day one from Republicans across the country. Never Trumpers are pushed out front all of the time but rarely have any in the GOP put themselves out there for what is really right. Many Republicans are failing us on healthcare, taxes and border security the three tiered set of promises that put many of them in office.

If the Republicans that are consistently sitting on the fence don’t get it let me lay it out in clear terms. If this session of Congress is wasted and those three key agenda items are forgotten not only will many of them be targeted for primary challenges it will also give Democrats a fighting chance to take back the House and the Senate.

No matter what comes from the Russia investigation or if we learn other damning information that had been kept under cover it should not bring everything America voted for to a halt. Donald Trump Jr. talking to Russians does not lessen the damage from Obamacare, porous borders and stifling taxes. Donald Trump sending early morning or midnight Tweets doesn’t mean Republicans don’t get to keep their promises to us.

If the Republicans fail to keep their promises the downside could be devastating to the point it could forever alter the Republic and that is why it is more important than ever to hold them to the promises made to you and me.

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