The American people hear about all sorts of alleged problems that they are supposed to concern themselves with. They range from identity theft to Global Warming to eating too much. There are so many things to think about and worry about that the two biggest problems facing us today are routinely ignored; debt (we have way too much) and dads (we have way too few).

You see the debt is going to crush us at some point unless we wake up and avert the unavoidable debt crisis that will certainly come our way if we do nothing. It is the single most predictable financial calamity in world history. We cannot as a nation continue to borrow to pay for things we simply do not need while ignoring many of the things we do. We cannot continue to run up the bill with the hopeless idea that somehow the Tooth Fairy will show up and make it all ok.

The other major problem in The United States is a lack of parenting; specifically from fathers. There just aren’t enough dads in the homes of our children to make sure they are learning the things they need to know to be good productive citizens. Some of the dads aren’t there because our own government incentivizes the moms to keep the door closed. As a result too many kids and especially little boys are growing up with understanding fundamental respect. This is not a matter of race or religion it is sadly a matter of fact across all lines and families in this nation.

If we want to survive as a nation we’d better do two things pretty damned fast; pay what we owe in a timely fashion without borrowing more and figure out how to get dad back at the dinner table with his kids. If I hear the term-baby-daddy one more time I am liable to vomit. So be careful about using that term around me.

You’ve been warned.

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