The debt limit has never been used the way some Democrats are hoping to use it against Republicans and President Donald Trump in the coming weeks. The statutory limit will need to be raised again, otherwise the nation would default on some of its loan obligations. It has never happened before but this time the left sees the debt ceiling as a way to knock President Trump and his administration down permanently.

It is a risky strategy but some Democratic members of Congress, Democratic strategists and key allies in the national news media see the debt ceiling as a way to seal the fate of the current President. They are putting the pieces together and may be going all in to destroy Trump. The thinking is if they can allow the deadline to pass to raise the debt limit and make the perfect reverse play and blame the Republicans; American citizens will turn against the White House and demand Trump and his cohorts step aside.

This is also a way to create economic panic like we have never seen; economic warfare is what the left has always used to push through radical changes to our nation. The Great Depression was worsened by the antics of the Roosevelt Administration. It also gave the government a nearly unlimited license to run roughshod over the Constitution. The coming pandemonium will be amplified by the left to inflict the greatest damage to Republicans and to gain the maximum control over our citizens.

The tried and true Marxist Ideals of class warfare will be wrapped in the now common catch phrase of  ‘income inequality’ and delivered to the rioting masses in the form of ‘new regulations’ and ‘new laws’ and they will promise ‘this will never happen again’ and that they are ‘fighting for working families’ and all the other things they always say.

The question is will they have enough support for the radical financial attack on America to bring down their political opponents on the right.

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