The UK and France are both eliminating gas and diesel vehicles because of “health concerns’ by 2040 despite the fact that life expectancy in Britain and the whole of The United Kingdom has increased by more than 10 years just since 1960. People have gone from living just over 71 years in the UK to almost 82. In France the jump is even bigger and more dramatic. In 1960 the French lived to 69 on average and now have surpassed 82. It sure sounds like a health crisis to me!

In fact, I think that is just the start of some really good centralized thinking. Think of all the good we can do for making decisions for everyone else? Why the hell would we let them think for themselves anyway? I mean in the UK they have decided the almighty state is best qualified to make decisions on children’s health once reserved for kids parents. Thankfully we have made that leap forward. I mean how long could we tolerate anyone teaching young people about their family, history, morality or anything else of significance. Parenting is clearly the job of the state. I mean after all we have witnessed such incredible success in this area as such wonderful places as North Korea, Russia and Red China.

I think banning internal combustion engines in the name of health is just the beginning of something wonderful.

We’d better get rid of cars, guns, money, property rights, TV’s, radios, boats, free speech and anything else the government deems dangerous to the orderly manner of society.

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