How much of our lives is dominated by power.  Pretty much all of it unless you live completely off the grid.

Some of us are experiencing once again the withdrawal symptoms of not having power to our homes and businesses for an extended period of time.

All I can say about that is it sucks.

It does illuminate the dependency we all have on power.  Without power we cannot watch TV, movies, read at night at to some extent play games (I know there is something called candles), if you have a well you cannot use running water and worst of all you cannot listen to the radio, actually worse than worst of all you cannot listen to my radio program the Live with Renk Show.

Consumers Energy stated in their latest press release that as of Friday morning approximately 4:00 am 100,000 of their customers are still left without the live sustaining power.  That number is down from 319,000 at the height of their outages.

In a press release issued Thursday evening they informed us on the extent of the damage to their power grid caused by the wind storm.  They are in the process of replacing or fixing 8,200 wires and more than 1,100 poles.

As of this morning they are informing their customers without power that the vast majority of them should have their power restored by midnight Saturday.   There may be some pockets of customers not restored until Sunday.

I say let’s bury the power lines so we do not need to deal without power for such a long period of time unless a squirrel decides to commit suicide and jump into a transformer.

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