Back on April 22nd I first reported about Governor Whitmer’s administration signed a no-bid contract with a software company that has a very close relationship to the Democratic Party here in Michigan.  The company named EveryAction had contracted with the state through a third party company called Great Lakes Community Engagement, which specializes in political outreach campaigns.

The company themselves boast that they are a:

leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations.

They have worked on and provided campaign services to many state and national Democratic candidates, including Michigan’s own Governor Whitmer's 2018 campaign, according to state records.

Interesting that they help her get elected and she gives them a contract to perform a service that they have never performed before.

What was this service she intended to use our taxpayer dollars to pay them with?  To work on Michigan’s enhanced COVID-19 contact tracing project. Whitmer actually wanted to use a political data firm to collect personal health information about everyone in Michigan who has tested positive for COVID-19 and anyone who might have come in contact with.

When this no-bid contract and many would say corrupt relationship hit not only the state news but also the national news Whitmer told the world she had no idea that this contract had even existed and had the contract canceled.  The governor's office even went so far as to tell The Washington Post:

The executive office is uncomfortable with this vendor for the same reason others are. The public needs to have confidence that this tracing work is being done by a nonpartisan firm. The state is committed to ensuring this important tracing work can begin quickly to help save lives, while also ensuring that public health data is safe and secure.

Nice sounding words.

Bridge Magazine has just reported about a previously unknown email that a senior adviser in the Michigan Department of the Health and Human Services said that the executive office of the governor [EOG] actually did know about this contract and were the ones to give the contract a “green light,” a newly released public email shows:

We got the green light from EOG [the executive office of the governor] to move forward with a slightly different organizational arrangement of the contact tracing volunteer work…This would still be working with Mike Kolehouse, so work there isn’t lost — it’s just organized somewhat differently.

Interesting Governor Whitmer, what is the old saying “Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive”.

Whitmer’s office not only told the Washington Post that the Governor had no idea that the contract existed on April 22, Whitmer herself stated she had no idea about the contract when she stated:

The department thought that that vendor was the best one for some reason. I don’t know what that reason was, but I do know that the Department of Health and Human Services does not have a political bone in their theoretical body…When it was brought to my attention, I told them to cancel it.

"When it was brought to my attention" right.  Why didn't you have these same concerns when it was brought to your attention when your office gave the contract a green light.  If any of you believe that her "office" would not have informed her of the possible trouble a no-bid contract with a Democrat company would bring you are fooling yourselves.

The Governor’s spokesperson Tiffany Brown went on to say that:

The vendor was identified and ultimately approved by officials with DHHS and MPHI

The Bridge magazine is a very interesting read and I give credit to Jonathan Oosting for uncovering the deception Governor Whitmer was perpetrating on the citizens of Michigan and the world.

Now what do you have to say about this Governor Whitmer?

By the way Governor the Webster's dictionary definition of a lie is:

to make an untrue statement with intent to create a false or misleading impression

Sound familiar?

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