In reading an article over the weekend I discovered something very interesting.  The article was published by MLive and it stated “the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has been notified of one person who attended President Donald Trump’s Sept. 10 rally in Freeland who has since tested positive for COVID-19”.

That was not the interesting part.

The rally was at MBS international airport and according to airport officials they estimated 10,000 people attend the rally, double what they expected.  Interesting that 10,000 people attended and so far only one possible case has been reported.

That was not the interesting part either.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Public Information Officer Bob Wheaton stated:

“The department is unable to say whether this person already had COVID-19 prior to attending the rally or whether the individual contracted COVID-19 at the rally,” 

He then went on to say:

“The department is unaware at this time of any outbreak associated with the rally, however, there is always a risk for COVID-19 to be spread at gatherings. This is why it’s so important for people to wear masks and socially distance.”

That also was not the interesting part.

Public Information Officer Bob Wheaton then stated the following:

“Outbreaks are not necessarily determined within 14 days of when exposure occurred. It takes time for people to be tested and for local health department to complete case investigations”

THAT was the interesting part of this article.

Why, because it sounds as though the logic Mr. Wheaton states the government bureaucrats use tells me they can decide at their whim where someone caught the coronavirus.  That also tells me these government bureaucrats can decide where someone caught the virus for political reasons and we know Whitmer’s Administration will do exactly that.  To many, they have proven that most of her decisions and Executive Orders have been politically driven.

I am going to use Governor Whitmer’s magic eight ball and ask it a question.

Magic eight ball will this possible coronavirus case be blamed on President Trump’s rally?

The answer came up as “you bet it will”.


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