What Michigan’s Governor Whitmer said yesterday on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper perfectly explains the Democratic/Liberal Party Ideology.  That being; I want someone else to pay for the negative consequences of my decisions.

Due to Whitmer’s decisions and her decisions alone, because she has refused to work with Michigan’s House or Senate, she has thrown 700,000 Michiganders onto the unemployment line.  In reporting from MLive, she then goes on a national TV show, well it is CNN and not many people watch it and blame President Trump for not paying for the negative consequences of her decisions.

CNN and Whitmer stated that last week Congress passed a $900 billion COVID relief package.  That is not exactly true, it was part of a larger omnibus bill to fund the government and all sorts of goodies for other countries.  For instance, the Democrats want to give the country of Jordan $500 million of our taxpayer’s dollars to build a wall on their border with Syria.  I thought walls do not work?

The Federal unemployment insurance program additional benefits given under the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act expired Dec. 26th. The state of Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency estimated that the additional Federal unemployment benefits of approximately 692,000 Michigan workers may be affected.

On that show Whitmer stated:

“The president needs to sign it and if he really believes we should get up to $2,000, which I have believed for a long time, he should get back to Washington D.C. and get that piece done as well”

Governor Whitmer, it was you who decided to shut down most of Michigan’s economy for approximately seven months and continue to keep companies closed, despite what the science stated.  It is the consequences of your Executive Orders that those people are in the unemployment line, your Michigan unemployment line that has still not paid people who were laid-off because of your decisions.   Why have you not fixed all of the problems in that unemployment line and why are the supposed news stations and papers not reporting on that weekly?

You Governor Whitmer can make the grownup decision to pay for the consequences of your own decisions.  Find money in Michigan’s budget to extend the additional unemployment payments for the residents of the state you are Governor of and are hurting due to your decisions.

My teenagers use to make decisions that caused them to face negative consequences from those brilliant decisions.  They would then asked my wife and me to fix those negative consequences or bail them out.  Governor Whitmer you are not longer a teenager.

Sure if the Federal government wants to help, fine.  But do not look to them to be the end-all to be all.

Put your adult pants on and deal with the negative consequences from the decisions you made and the policies and Executive Orders you implemented.

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