I along with a growing number of people am beginning to wonder where the hell is everybody in Washington. I mean by this time in his first term Barack Obama was making huge changes to America’s direction. Not the Republicans however. They are as timid as church mice right now.

Seriously all these promises of “if only we had the levers of power” we could do something then. Hey! Newsflash, you have all three branches of government and you are still letting Chuck Schumer and the Democrats bully you around. You are letting the news media lead you around by the nose. Does anybody have guts in DC? Is there anyone who understands America voted for change, again?

I am guaranteeing you that if things like tax reform and Obamacare don’t get addressed soon, if the cabinet of Donald Trump continues to flounder, if appointments of thousands of civil servants remain on the back burner I will be among the loudest calling for all of you to be canned.

Do something Republicans! I am not interested in you being timid little shrews any longer!

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell you need to listen and listen closely; if you guys don’t start getting the things done that were promised us in the run up to the 2016 election we will come for you next time. I for one will not sit idly by while you guys are twiddling your thumbs! We want America back and if you’re not up for the hard work, we will find someone that is!

You have been warned!

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