Former Republican state Representatives Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser’s relationship and then attempted cover-up of that relationship has once again reared its ugly head.

You might remember that both former state Representatives Gamrat and Courser attempted to run for re-election for their former seats after Gamrat was expelled from her seat and Courser gave up his seat before he would have been expelled.

As you might remember or can imagine both former state representatives Gamrat and Courser lost their re-election bids in their respective special primary elections held for their seats.

In comes Michigan’s state House of Representatives to stop such action in the future and they approved legislation the other day, House Bill 4208, which would stop a former Senator or Representative from running for office in a special election if he or she resigned or was removed from office.  The bill was introduced by state Representative Aaron Miller, R-Sturgis. It now goes to the Senate for consideration.

The bill would change our law to ensure that a former lawmaker’s removal from office would remain in effect for the rest of an unexpired state Senate or Representative term.

The bill passed the state House in a 72-36 vote and will now got to the state Senate for consideration.

Why would someone vote against this bill?  I think it makes perfect sense that if you are expelled or resign from your seat you should not be able to run for the remainder of the term you were just expelled or resigned from.  We can all safely assume that they were expelled or resigned for legitimate reasons, whatever those reasons are.  I think again we can all safely assume those reasons were legitimate enough to not turn around and immediately run for the remainder of the seat you were just expelled or resigned from.  At this time I am unable to ascertain who were the 36 no votes.

Michigan’s House Fiscal Agency analysis of the bill stated under the “arguments for” section of the document the following:

It is absurd that a member who has voluntarily decided to end a term of office prematurely should then seek to be returned to resume the same term

It is hard to argue against the House Fiscal Agencies argument for the bill, wouldn’t you agree?

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