Those heading out to fast food restaurants across the country today, including right here in Michigan, are likely to find more than a line at the drive-thru window.  Workers at some of the facilities will be on the picket line as part of a nation-wide effort to win higher wages.

The Associated Press is reporting today that the walkouts are part of a  union-backed effort to get a $15 an hour minimum wage for employees.

The AP is also reporting that some protesters were led away from a McDonald's restaurant in Detroit this morning after demonstrators, who were blocking traffic, refused to clear a roadway.  The offenders were taken away in handcuffs.

The walkout today is planned in at least 150 cities across the country, including several in Michigan.

Protesters in Lansing told WILX-TV today that they plan to remain on the picket line for as long as it takes to get what they want.

The walkout was planned for one day and is just the latest demonstration designed to drive home a point to businesses.

AP is quoting 25 year-old Kaya Moody of Detroit who works for a McDonald's franchise. She just received a wage hike to $8.15 an hour as part of an increase in the minimum wage in Michigan.  But even with the eventual increase here to $9.25, the single mother says it's just not enough.

"$15 an hour would mean I could actually provide for my day-to-day expenses."

Business owners say they empathize, but say a hike of such magnitude would cut down on job creation and ultimately result in higher prices for consumers.

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