Barack Obama has for all practical purposes abdicated the role of ‘most powerful person’ in the world. He clearly does not like the job, cannot care less about politics and has demonstrated his blatant incompetence when it comes to management. Of course he has no experience in actually running anything except his mouth and of course his overactive ego.

How bad are things? Well violent and bloody battles stretch across Eastern Ukraine, Syria and Iraq; we have an invasion of illegal aliens along the southern border of the U.S.; our economy remains in the toilet with too many people unemployed or underemployed; and we’ve got too many to remember unresolved scandals in Washington. The worst may be the shameful Veterans Administration scandal or is it the IRS? All of which have eroded Americans’ confidence in their own government.

No big deal the President has plenty of time for golf and fundraisers now that David Cameron has stepped up to lead the free world.

What? Me worry?