Warn temperatures and construction on Michigan roadways can make even the most timid driver antsy, but was the death of a motorist in Livingston County on Tuesday road rage or a case of self-defense?

Michigan officials investigating another suspected case of road rage, but was it?

The Lansing State Journal reports today that a 69 year old Howell man is being held in police custody pending further investigation into the death of a fellow motorist--identified only as a 43 year old man.

It happened shortly after 3:30 Tuesday afternoon on Grand River Avenue near Chilson Road.  That's when witnesses say the vehicle driven by the 69 year-old passed the other car.  It was when the two were stopped at a traffic light a short time later that the 43 year-old driver got out of his car and approached the other motorist and the incident turned deadly. ]

The older driver allegedly fired his weapon from inside the car killing the younger man instantly. This, while the victim's wife watched in horror..

The article quotes Livingston County officials as saying their preliminary investigation indicates that aggressive driving may have led to the tragedy.

"According to witnesses, there appeared to be a little bit of a road rage incident," said Undersheriff Michael Murphy.

But other sources are claiming that while the incident may have "started" as road rage, the older driver felt threatened and fired his weapon out of fear for his life, and it was a case of self-defense.

Livingston County officials have had no comment on those reports.

There is also no word yet on when the suspect may appear in court to face charges.  Officials are promising more details today on the circumstances surrounding the death and the identities of the men involved.

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