Dick Thelen is a surviving crew member of the USS Indianapolis which was torpedoed in 1945. It was the country's worst naval disaster after Pearl Harbor.


Remembering Veteran’s Day pt. 3


Steve Gruber: Quickly to part 3 of 92 year old veteren Dick Thelen, Story of the USS Indianapolis sinking in 1945.

Steve Gruber: So 1,100 men go into the water give or take?

Dick Thelen: 1,197 were on the ship

Steve Gruber: 316 or 17 depending on who you listen to. came out

Dick Thelen: That's right. 889 in the water. Thats' how many went in. There wasn't a question we had to ask how many had gotten on (off?) the ship, when it was sinking. How many went down with the ship actually. So I forgot what I put down. They come up with 300 additional went down with the ship. The other 600 died in the water.

Steve Gruber: How many did the sharks take?

Dick Thelen: Pardon. It's hard to say. We were sent out by 2 miles wide by 12-14 miles long. It sounds ridiculous but all I know is what group I was in

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