President Donald Trump has been looking over a series of wins since he took the oath of office and there really is no way to argue with that point. Let me give you a list of some of the key things that he has checked off his list.

First there is Neil Gorsuch and for many fence sitters this is a big win for President Trump. Selecting and then getting a conservative confirmed on the Supreme Court cannot not be understated by anyone. Rumors now persist that Anthony Kennedy will announce his resignation from the high court as early as Monday. That would mean securing a conservative future in another selection to the nations high court.

Exiting the Paris Climate Agreement was a welcome development and an important promise kept by the President that flew in the face of inaccurate news reports that he wasn’t going to pull America out of the deal.

In special elections to fill vacant seats in the US House Republicans have gone 4 and zero. You should read that as Trump 4 and the Democrats zero. It was the Democrats after all that told the world that the special election in the 6th District of Georgia was a referendum on The President and sunk $25 million dollars in the campaign only to lose by nearly 5 points.

I read liberals on social media making jokes about winning. That seems a bit odd considering that despite the ongoing multiple investigations into the mythical Russian collusion story the Trump White House keeps on checking items off it’s list and now we are closer to the Obamacare repeal becoming a reality too.

It seems to me that it is the Democrats that are tired of Trump winning while they are focused on whining.

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