Whether you think he's a troll or that he has valid critiques, Dan Dakich is polarizing to say the least. Remember the Dan Dakich-Miles Bridges "feud"? We use parentheses because it was really just Dakich ranting about Bridges and his "no game" with no notable response the other way.

Anyways, we thought the "feud" would be over because Bridges has left MSU and is going to the NBA. Oh how wrong we were.

Here's a tweet from Dakich yesterday that stirred some controversy.

First of all, let's address the fact that this stat literally isn't true. Michigan State's first Big Ten game this season against Nebraska saw Bridges haul in two offensive rebounds.

Second of all, who cares? Michigan State actually had size up front this season, as opposed to Bridges' freshman year where he was semi-routinely asked to play the five as a 6'7" wing player.

Even with all that added size, Bridges still hauled down five more rebounds in his sophomore season (237) than his freshman season. His averages don't reflect that though due to an injury forcing him to miss a couple of games his freshman year.

In his freshman year, Bridges pulled down 41 offensive boards in 28 games. Last season he grabbed 43 in 34 games.

There are two things to glean from that. One, even though by the per game numbers he went down (1.5 to 1.3) he still pulled down more offensive boards in 2017-18. Second, no NBA team is looking to Miles Bridges to solve their offensive rebounding problems. And if for whatever reason there is a team looking to get Bridges for that reason, well that's not a team you want to play for because management clearly has a few screws loose.

Out of all of this though, Miles Bridges shows the utmost class with a short tweeted response to Dakich.

So don't worry Spartan fans, Bridges isn't rattled from a big time twitter troll like Dakich.

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