The end is near for the entire Clinton political machine after a surprise attack on morning television from NBC news. The former President was on the Today Show to promote a new book he co-authored with James Patterson (his brand is forever tarnished as well) but it took only a moment to veer into the ditch with persistent questions about his tawdry affair with Monica Lewinsky. Craig Melvin was on offense during the contentious interview that Patterson watched from an awkward and uncomfortable position.

Clinton fumbled the first big question of whether he has ever apologized to Lewinsky who was sexually involved with the President during liaisons in the Oval Office. At first he said he had but then back peddlaed and said he apologized to everyone in the world. The probe visibly angered Clinton and when pressed by Melvin about a personal apology he shot back, “I’ve never talked to her”. Clinton was clearly caught off guard by the line of questions and seemed ill prepared to handle then in the #MeToo world.

Finally James Patterson came to Clintons rescue saying come on “this was 20 years ago lets talk about JFK lets talk about LBJ come on stop already.” It seems Patterson may have misjudged the political climate as well. You see many of the accusations being put forth against a host of people date back much farther than 20 years and he also failed to grasp that JFK died in 1963 and LBJ ten years later. Bill Clintons transgressions with a White House intern took place 25 years after President Johnson had died. But Clinton went for that lifeline and cut the questions off. After parroting what Patterson had said he said he dealt with it and finished by telling Melvin “that’s all I have to say to you.”

You can put a fork in the Clinton machine because it has come crashing down with a pitiful whimper. Hillary continues to blame everyone in the world for her failures and her husband says he basically has done all he can.

I wonder why Melvin didn’t go for the real prize and that of course would be asking about the accusations of forcible rape against Juanita Broaderick? I mean it is one thing to have a consensual relationship with an intern who is 20 something but Broaderick says Clinton raped her. She has never waivered on that. It is time the #MeToo movement got serious about that accusation as well.

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