William Wagner, President of Salt & Light Global (and the Great Lakes Justice Center) Distinguished Professor Emeritus (Constitutional Law) Former federal judge, Former federal prosecutor. 1.))Trump pardons Dinesh D’souza ... Obama Admin selectively prosecuted, and activist federal judge treated D’souza with excessive harshness compared to all others ever charged with similar misdemeanor -- He was sent to Federal Prison ... He and I both recently spoke at a conference together... If you want, I’d be happy to discuss the constitutional power of the President to do what he did and why it was appropriate in this instance. 2.)) President Trump on Wednesday signed into law a bill that allows those with potentially terminal diseases to try experimental treatments and bypass the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.... This is a major development in the culture war... The left has always inaccurately demanded that dying individuals have a “right” to have drugs administered to kill them via suicide. At the same time they deny dying individuals who want to live to try experiential drugs...Trump just fixed that. Since no official announcement on the request for an AG opinion, do you want to discuss this other breaking news instead?

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