Have you heard of the Confucius Institute?  There are approximately 100 of them in universities across the United States and four of them are the great state of Michigan:

In fact I originally wrote about the Confucius Institute back on January 17th 2018.

Did you know that the FBI has identified the Confucius Institutes “as cover for Chinese intelligence and influence operations”.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that a bill is being sponsored by Rep. Chris Smith (R., N.J.) and Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Ohio), both members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, that will attempt to curb the Chinese government influence operations in the United States.

This bipartisan bill, named "Countering the Chinese Government and Communist Party’s Political Influence Operations Act of 2018" would also require American intelligence agencies to provide a detailed report on Beijing's extensive covert and overt influence operations.

As I stated in the article I wrote back in January, what are these brilliant thinkers who run these “Universities” actually thinking, or do they know exactly what is happening and they are ok with it, or they are just ok with the green that they receive that is awash in red.


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