When you think you had seen it all, something comes across your computer screen that makes you say REALLY!

I saw an article at Fox17online.com that made me scratch my head and say, what is this world coming to.  A home in Wyoming Michigan luckily had security cameras and those cameras caught two women stealing all of the flower pots they could pick up right off their porch in the middle of the day.

The family was preparing for a graduation party so they wanted to make their home look a little bit more beautiful, so they added all of the flowers.  Well that was too enticing for a couple of thieves.

By the way the Wyoming police stated last Thursday that they had identified the two women seen taking the pots of flowers.  According to the police the women have not yet been charged and they said a report will be forwarded to Kent County prosecutors for review.

I say throw the pot at them, and I do not mean marijuana.

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