So this should make you feel better about the news you get from the internet. Apple says it will be in charge picking the stories you see and read. Yep, Apple declared during its Worldwide Developers Conference today that the so-called “Top Stories” will be handpicked by a team chosen by Apple.

Yeah, I feel better already. I mean if you can’t trust a huge multi-national with a liberal slant who has put the former head of the alt-left New York Magazine, Lauren Kern the head of it’s news division. New York Magazine has never even attempted to hide it’s support of liberal policies and politicians while at the same time taking aim at conservatives and Republicans.

The announcement came from Susan Prescott Apple’s Vice President of product marketing who made it clear the editorial team headed by Kern will be selecting what it considers the Top Stories from so-called “trusted sources.” I wonder what it will take to earn the endorsement of trusted source? How many openly liberal outlets will get that coveted moniker while conservative groups will get pushed out of the way?

I know I am such a cynic but I honestly don’t trust Apple or any other media giant with home offices in Silicon Valley to choose for me or anyone else for that matter what it’s little Progressive robots deciding what I should take as trusted news.

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