I’ve had all I can take of being attacked for being an American. I’m tired of feeling like just waving a flag is something to be shy about. I’m tired of apologizing for believing in this country, period. And I’m really tired of news stories that follow a predictable liberal arch at this point. They go something like this; ‘American veteran threatened with lawsuit for flying flag’ or ‘student told to take off shirt with American flag because it’s disruptive’. I’m sorry but have we all gone nuts?

Enough my friends! It’s time to fight back and fly the Stars and Stripes no matter who bitches about somebody getting their feelings hurt. For the love of God are we really that stupid? No borders, no flag… after that do we even have a country? Pull your head up long enough to look around and say ‘I’ve had enough and I am finally ready to say enough is enough!’

Today I issue the American Flag Challenge! Fly it everywhere. Wear it everywhere. Never apologize and never back down. This is our country. It does not belong to the alleged ‘victims’ of some make believe injustice. It is my country and my flag and for that I am proud. I hope you feel the way I do.

Fly it for those who froze to death in Valley Forge. Fly it for the immigrants who struggled to make landfall and see Ellis Island. Fly it for those who never left the beach on D-Day. Fly it for those buried at ground zero. Wear it for your son and your daughter, your neighbor, your friend. Fly it for the guy you cannot stand at work but believes in this country too. Fly it for those who look to the horizon and dream of the ‘Shining City on a Hill’.

Fly it and let everyone know you are proud to be an American and damned tired of hearing the haters tear her down every day with hatred and twisted thoughts.

America is the greatest nation in the history of nations. Fly her flag, our flag and be proud of who we are, where we came from and all that we are. It is time my friends to stand up for what is right. The American Flag symbolizes all that is good and just and right. Be proud!

The American Flag Challenge is for you and me and anyone who believes in liberty and justice for all. You with me?

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