Many of us have heard about the Democratic Congresswoman from Florida, Frederica Wilson, response and the media’s obsession with President Trump call to a widow of a slain servicemen.

Democratic Congresswoman Frederica Wilson listened into a conversation President Trump had with the widow and then ran to the media and told them that President Trump was insensitive to that widow during their discussion.

I had not spoken about this issue to date because I wanted to hear from someone else like General Kelly who was present during the call and is President Trump’s Chief of Staff.  I wanted to know what was truly said and more importantly in what context.

Well General Kelly spoke yesterday about the issue and said the following:

I was moved by what General Kelly said and it proved to me that my initial response of wanting to wait to hear the context was correct.

I want to point out a few things General Kelly said during the above press conference:

I was stunned when I came to work yesterday and brokenhearted at what I saw a member of Congress doing. It stuns me. And I thought at least that was sacred.

He then went on to say what many of us feel these days when he stated:

It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened in on that conversation. Absolutely stuns me. And I thought at least that was sacred. You know when I was a kid growing up a lot of things were sacred in our country. Women were sacred, looked upon with great honor. That’s obviously not the case anymore as we see from recent cases. Life, the dignity of life, was sacred. Religion, that seems to be gone as well. Gold star families, I think that left in the convention over the summer. I just thought the selfless devotion that brings a man or a woman to die on the battlefield, I just thought that might be sacred.

Is anything sacred in our lives today?  It appears with many people in the political class and that includes the Main Stream Manipulative News (MSMN) there is not.

We need to get back to a place in our society and culture to hold somethings sacred in our lives, can we, I do not know.

I attempt to everyday because without that where will this society devolve to?

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