Governor Whitmer is now just getting downright silly.  The person whose Executive Orders (EO’s) that have flowed from her Emergency Declaration were mostly politically motivated now has the nerve to say that the protestors against her decisions are politically motivated.

Whitmer told Fox News:

“There is a lot of politics at play here, unfortunately…The protests are very political in nature instead of being focused on the stay-at-home order.”

Perhaps she is practicing to go into standup comedy when she is either recalled before her first term ends or not re-elected to a second term.

The person who has claimed she has made the following decisions based on science and not politics is really the pot calling the kettle black or should I say a cooking device of color:

  • Abortions are allowed because they are “life-sustaining” but all other elective surgeries are not, including biopsies to determine if a growth is cancerous or not
  • Road construction is “essential” but home construction is not
  • Whitmer actually said on national television in response to citizen’s right to assemble and protest. “It’s certainly not an exercise of democratic principles where we have free speech. This is calls to violence. This is racist and misogynistic.” Whitmer is actually saying if anyone protests against anything I do it is because I have lady parts, not the decisions I have made.  In essence, she is saying that no one can protest or disagree we me or any other elected official if they have lady parts because that is “misogynistic”.
  • She and her party censured a fellow Democrat State Representative because she complimented President Trump
  • Whitmer had signed a contract with a software company that is very close to the Democratic Party here in the state of Michigan for contact tracing. The company even worked on and provided campaign services too many state and national Democratic candidates, including her 2018 campaign to become Governor. Once her crooked scheme was uncovered nationally she had to rescind the contract.
  • Whitmer, during this pandemic, goes on a Comedy Central comedy show wearing a “That Woman from Michigan“ T-shirt.  A comment President Trump had made about her.

I could go on but it is starting to get really embarrassing for her.

Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield, a Republican said:

"We’ve attempted to partner with our governor, but she’s rejected…We offered cooperation, but instead she chose court"

Now with the facts in front of you, you decide whose actions are politically motivated and whose are not.

Governor Whitmer, many people of Michigan have simply lost faith in your ability to lead this state.

Protesters at the Capital in Lansing


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