Governor Whitmer took total control of Michigan 364 days ago back on March 10, 2020, when she issued EO 2020-4: “Declaration of state of emergency”.  Since that day she has refused to relinquish any control back to the elected representatives of the people of Michigan.

The elected Republican Representatives of the people of Michigan first politely asked her to start recognizing the elected representatives of the citizens of Michigan, she refused to talk with them.  Interesting to note that it has been close to a year now and the elected Democrat Representatives have never asked for any of their power back.

Now in their latest Coronavirus Relief bill filled with billions of Federal tax dollars, the elected Republican Representatives of the citizens of Michigan are tying some of the Federal Coronavirus Cares Act money given to the state to Whitmer giving some of her tyrannical dictatorship powers up.

She is not happy about that at all.

Last Sunday Governor Whitmer was bouncing between cable Sunday morning variety shows and came upon an MSNBC show called Live with Stephanie Ruhle, wait a minute did she steal that name from my show The Live with Renk show?  Interesting but let us move on to what Whitmer said last Sunday morning on MSNBC.

During that interview Whitmer stated that she believes that the Republican state lawmakers tying a portion of the Cares Act federal funding to her giving up some of the complete control she has taken over Michigan:

"They know that’s never going to happen"

Apparently, Whitmer would rather have people who live in Michigan suffer than her cede some power back to the people, that is pathetic.

Whitmer went on to say:

"For our Legislature to play this dangerous game with resources we desperately need is really disappointing”

Governor Whitmer, it is you who is playing this “dangerous game” with the lives of Michigan’s residents.

What powers of the Dear Leader is she worried about being taken away from her?

Approximately $1.2 billion of the $4.2 billion supplemental would be tied to her giving up a small portion of her power:

  • Approximately $840 million of school district funding would give responsibility for school closures/openings and high school sports from the state health department to local health departments.
  • Approximately $347 million in COVID-19 epidemiology and lab capacity funding is tied to a bill that would limit the state health department's epidemic orders to no more than 28 days without legislative approval.

Sounds very reasonable to me.  That being said why is she playing such a dangerous game with our economic lives?

Whitmer went on to say that the State House and Senate’s federal COVID-19 relief bill is "nonsensical" and she pledged that she will never give up the unilateral powers she has seized during her reign.

Do you know what is truly “nonsensical” Govern Whitmer?  Let me make a nice and easy bullet list for you to easily grasp:

  • Sending Covid-19 infected people back to their nursing homes where they infected others and those people died.
  • Closing schools for in-person classroom training for 6 months after the science told you to open the schools.
  • Closing businesses and keeping them closed long after the science stated they could be open.
  • Closing certain aisles in stores, i.e. home improvement, while opening the aisles right next to them.
  • Paying people who worked for you hush money so they will not inform the citizens of Michigan what is really going on.
  • Keep adding to Michigan’s death numbers via your “vital records research” numbers and not allowing anyone to audit what you are exactly doing.
  • Refusing to be transparent on any of Michigan’s “official” Covid-19 positive case and death numbers.

Need I continue Governor Whitmer or have you had enough?


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