The Big 3 WEDNESDAY MAY 27th 2020—

Hour 1—

Live from The No Panic Zone— AND THE NO KAREN ZONE— I’m Steve Gruber—God Bless America—This is the Steve Gruber Show— WEDNESDAY MAY 27th 2020—

Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now—

Three— The NHL—is coming back and putting the whole pandemic on ice very soon—the National Hockey League is discussing a short season—playoff and two cities acting as hub cities for all the pro hockey a action—

Two— California was a major hotspot for Memorial Day festivitries and house parties—very much in defiance of all the lockdown orders being handed out by over zealous Democrats in several states—but the lockdowns are crumbling—

One— Speaking of the lockdowns falling apart—the joke is on you Michigan—you may have the worst Governor in America—and after her husband gets outed for trying to demand the family yacht be in the lake for the Holiday—he tries to pull rank by saying he is the husband of the Governor—now BIG GRETCH says it was just a joke that didn’t go over well—NO NOT AT ALL—of course it wasn’t a joke—we all know that—the excuse however was!


Hour 2

Three— Midland Michigan is coming to terms with the fact the Attorney General—Dana Nessel Chose to protect fresh water mussels over their homes businesses and schools—and forced a dam owner to keep far too much water—

Two— How about the government paying back to work bonuses—to get the lemmings off the couch and on the job once again—of course this entire fiasco is being pushed by the Democrats—who want people to earn more—NOT WORKING—while companies fail—

One— Joe Biden is in real trouble—you see he cannot hide in his basement any longer—it is time for him to return to the mic—and time for him to answer more questions about sexual assault—and of course the women he is courting to be VP—I wonder if that includes Big Gretch—who is now being accused of covering up the attempt by her husband to get their boat in the water

Hour 3

Three— The cleanup in Midland—and Sanford—are heartbreaking—knowing now that it could have all been prevented—but that the rogue Attorney General Dana Nessel—put the value of mud dwelling fresh water mussels above the needs of people—

Two— The Lockdown anger is brewing all over the state—businesses are teetering on the brink of failure—people are angy and they are angry at Big Gretch and her team—her failing team—it seems another dam is about to burst—

One— Big Gretch is having a very hard time right now getting on message—well except for the fact that the Lansing Press Corps in nowhere to be found—during a press conference on Tuesday—the Governor tried to blame her husband for creating a stink over getting the family yacht into the water for the Holiday weekend—not a single follow up question—just Big Gretch saying he went and raked leaves for awhile—maybe a day—or two—she isn’t really sure—

And now another big scandal continues to bubble—this one over her administration hiring a far left firm to follow Michigan residents

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