I’m a big guy so it’s pretty obvious I’ve had a love for good food during most of my life. And I love variety, at least once a month or so I get a craving for some excellent Chinese food. Every Chinese establishment offers some type of delivery or take out along with dining in, and some only offer take out or delivery, so no matter the situation you can almost always score some great chinese food to satisfy your desire. We’ve found one in Grand Ledge we like and patronize, but when I sat down to research this article I found out there are a ton of Chinese options here in the Lansing area. I was only aware of a handful, but I have lot’s of options for your Chinese food desires, and I’ve listed 25 of them for your oriental dining pleasure.

Indoor dining is returning on February 1st to Michigan, with restrictions of course. But you will have the option then of dining in or getting take out or delivery. Keep in mind if you are dining out, to bring your mask as they are required. Included with the listings are phone numbers, and menus or websites when available. So here is all you need to get started on your Chinese food adventure. Enjoy!

Chinese Dining Lansing Area

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