There are two nations in Europe that you don’t hear about when the breaking news sirens go off in newsrooms and are then blared across the headlines to declare a terrorist act has occurred; Poland and Hungary. Both nations have stood steadfast against the demand by EU that they take thousands of additional refugees from majority Muslim nations. They have both flatly refused.

In the face of increased threats of economic retaliation from the other EU nations Poland’s Prime Minister Beata Szydlo has said no. Poland will not take 6,000 additional refugees from Syria or anywhere else for that matter. Szydlo says there is a direct connection and a straight line between the immigration policies of the European Union and the string of bloody, deadly terrorist attacks.

In fact in travel advice from the UK, both Poland and Hungary are noted to have not had any recent acts of terror.

The bottom line is this; Poland and Hungary have the most restrictive guidelines for entrance into their countries and neither has been plagued with the violent jihadist attacks suffered by nearly all of its European neighbors.

You do the math.

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