The onslaught of negative press coverage ever since Donald Trump won the election he was supposed to lose according the swarming hoard of weaponized liberal reporters has been unprecedented. The attack dogs have been on the case trying to correct the mistake of millions of Americans who had the nerve to vote for someone they did not approve of.

The insults and innuendo have been piled up to damage The President and stop his agenda at all costs. The cost is getting higher and could come at the expense of liberty and civil rights.

However in small towns and suburbs all across the nation the men and women who voted for Donald Trump are not buying into the hysteria and the panic of those who are devoted to bringing him down. In fact they remain committed to the man they believe will change the make-up of Washington and would vote for him again. There are many that believe he would get even more votes if he is on the ballot again. For now Trumps fans are on the train.

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