I am tired of praying for the victims of terrorism as weakling politicians and spineless TV pundits repeat ad nauseam the tired refrains of ‘radicalization’, ‘what led to this’, ‘investigators are not ready to call it terrorism’, ‘the victims of the attack’, ‘have western nations caused this’, and whatever other wholesale bs tey can pile into one trite run-on sentence of blithe ignorance.

I am not going to pray further for the mangled corpses in the streets with their intestines hanging over railing. I am not going to pray for disemboweled children who bones and flesh is spackled on walls of formerly civilized cities. I will not pray for those whose limbs were torn from their bodies and smashed through nearby windows. I will no longer pray for those that have been permanently disfigured, left blind, deaf and dumb by ruthless bloodthirsty killers passing through in an effort to meet allah and be greeted by 72 virgins. I will not pray for the families of those cut in half by homemade shrapnel or the bumper of a 50-ton lorry. I will not pray for those whose bodies have been grievously shredded in the name of some God I do not know while those we elected pretend to know what is best but do nothing at all and look somewhere else. I will not pray for the purveyors of greed while they allow this cancer to grow inside our nation and all nations lacking the courage to speak the truth.

I will pray no more. Not that way.

Instead I will pray for vengeance to rain down upon the evil swine that roam all too freely in the streets, our streets, the streets of free nations. I will pray for the millions of patriots that shed their blood and died to liberate our streets and keep us free. I will pray that those hungering to vanquish this ghastly violence will devour the vile thugs of humanity that claim divinity.

I will pray that the people of the Western Nations will finally have seen enough and declare they will take no more. I will pray that we will roll up our sleeves, call evil for what it is and exterminate it on sight. I will pray that we execute with extreme prejudice whatever it takes to keep my children and yours safe.

I will pray that we have not fiddled too long while Rome burns and the gates have been left open to the vermin of the world intent on destroying the greatest nation ever conceived.

I will separate myself from the empty words of feckless politicians who are beholden to their power, money and corruption. I will not recite the mindless and empty words to shower upon London or Paris or Sidney or Orlando.

I will pray for righteous anger, courage, extreme focus, discipline and sheer balls to deliver with great intensity all that we can muster to eradicate this sickness from the world and knock Islamic Terrorism back into the bowels of hell from where they surely crawled. I will pray that we will look back on these days as those of the awakening for the worldwide silent majority that is no longer willing to give blood sacrifice to monsters who would kill us all if given the chance.

I will continue to pray for my family; my friends and my nation and I can assure you we will find you no matter what cesspool you crawl into or out of. We will find you and we will terminate your time here with us. Your kind will soon find it’s end and I pray that happens sooner as opposed to later.


Poland and Hungary

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