How long until hell descends upon Michigan in the form of Islamic terrorists wreaking havoc on our streets? The latest London attack is reportedly connected directly to Michigan and a prophet of hate and doom, Sheikh Ahmad Musa Jibril. At least one of the young men that murdered 7 people in London and injured dozens more was a hard core follower of Jibril who has at least 40 intolerant lectures on his own YouTube channel. He proselytizes on topics from never reuniting with Rafidahs and the evils of Democracy because it runs contrary to the rule of the Qur’an. And there is no law but the law of God.

Rafidah by the way if you’re wondering are anyone that does not accept the legitimacy of Islamic authority and Islamic leadership. That would be me by the way. I’m guessing that would be you too. Jibril can be seen hour after hour on YouTube pounding away on the theme that his version of Islam is the only way. Islam he says in fact is the only way and he will never accept or unite with anyone that thinks differently.

He is very clear about this. He rejects democracy in any form and says it has no standing and the only authority is Islam and Allah.

Jibril who was born in Michigan and lives in Dearborn has been cited on numerous occasions by government officials in the United States, Europe and other countries as an extremely influential voice and recruiter for ISIS. A report published in 2014 by the International Center of the Study for radicalization and Politial Violence named Jibril specifically as a central figure whose messages are used to recruit those who are susceptible to the message of violence and murder in the name of Islam.

YouTube is one of the key ways Jibril disseminates his theology of hate but he also uses other forms of social media. This message of hate spreads worldwide from its epicenter in Michigan and infects possibly thousands of viewers and followers. The massacres in the streets of London, Manchester, Paris and dozens of other places could all have a bloody link to our state.

My question is how is that legal?

If Jibril is actually calling for violence and preaching that the United States Government has no authority and the only authority is that of Islam and Allah how can that not be sedition? How could that be compatible with our Constitution, our values and our way of life? The answer is simple; it is not compatible in any way. The FBI, the NSA, the CIA and every other available agency should be looking at Jibril under a magnifying glass.

I am, as a rule, not a supporter of capital punishment but if it can be shown that Jibril or any other person living in America is preaching a message that results in violent and deadly attacks like that in London and elsewhere then we simply have no choice but to prosecute the matter as treason. If it is proven that treason has been committed then the punishment is clear. The sentence should be swift and severe.

There is no time left to play games.

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