The Republican controlled House and Senate have been moving legislation through that will reduce regulations and roll back Obama Era laws like Dodd-Frank. It is a good idea to reduce the pressure on business from an over-reaching government that puts too many hurdles in the way but it may come back to bite them. Not because what they are doing is wrong but because the timing could be terrible.

We are going on 8 years since the last recession ended or a least lessened in severity and that means we are overdue for a big burst in the economy. Over the past century a recession has come to America ever few years and usually they have a cycle between 4 and 7 years. That means we are overdue. In fact we could have a very significant recession because of the meddling of the government and historically high levels of student debt and credit card debt.

When the big crash comes it will be bigger than most and possibly bigger than any in my lifetime. And make no mistake it is coming and it will be here in the next few months and possibly sooner, the Democrats will naturally go to the only thing they have which is trashing Wall Street and blaming Republicans for easing regulations. It won’t be true but it’s not like we can trust the national media to make accurate reports based on actual math or economics.

You have been warned.

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