The family of a missing Kalamazoo woman, haunted by the unexplained disappearance of their loved one last year, apparently wanted more proof that the body found in an Indiana lake last week was that of Dr. Teleka Patrick.

Second Autopsy Confirms Drowning of Michigan Doctor is reporting they asked for a second autopsy to be conducted to make sure that the vcitim was indeed the woman last seen leaving a medical facility in Kalamazoo on December 5th of last year.

The report indicates the second autopsy was conducted three days after one held by members of the Porter County Coroner's office in Indiana.  That autopsy revealed that the victim, identified as Patrick, died of drowning.  They listed cause of death as accidental since they found no signs of foul play.

Patrick's family, though, doubted that story and asked that a second set of tests be done.  "The reason the family did (the second autopsy) is because they have been so concerned about what they heard about the case coming to a conclusion," said Jim Carlin, a private investigator hired by the family.

Carlin says the second set of testing, which also confirmed cause of death as drowning, is just the tip of the iceberg in finding out what led to Patrick's death.  "We now know the answer of where is Telaka, but they're demanding to learn what truly happened to her."

A friend of Patrick's had claimed that she expressed fear when the two talked by telephone that someone was out to hurt her.  Police, who were told the woman suffered some mental issues, have discounted that claim, at least publically.  The family, though, wants an investigation.

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