Warming centers are still open in various communities in the state but for those concerned about their pets, some animal shelters are also offering assistance. 


The Ingham County Animal Control office in Mason is opening its doors today to make sure our furry friends have a warm place as well.  They say most animals aren't that affected by the cold--as long as they're left indoors or have some other type of shelter--but for those who have no where to leave their animal, they can find tempory shelter at the Animal Control Office.

Those at the shelter say it's often better--and less stressful--to leave a pet at home in familiar surroundings than to displace it even for safety.  But say it is never okay to set an animal free to fend for themselves--especially in conditions like these. The shelter is offering the service at this time free of charge for those who have no other option.  Donations, though, are always encouraged and accepted.

Veterinarians say just like in the extreme heat, pets need additional attention in winter as well.  They say always provide some shelter and blankets, or bring the animal indoors or into a garage if possible.  And always provide fresh food and water.  Water can freeze quickly in conditions like these so make sure supplies are checked on a regular basis.

As always, report any suspicions of animal abuse or neglect to your local Animal Control Office.