Animal experts say even though we may think it's a good idea to surprise someone with a dog for Christmas in reality it could easily end up being a terrible mistake. They point out caring for one takes plenty of time and effort. There's feeding, grooming and visits to the vet for a wide array of assorted medications. Most often these are given yearly. Then there is the time needed to spend with it. For anyone not willing to take on those responsibilities it could end up not only being a big disappointment for them--but worse yet--a very traumatic experience for the poor dog. There are many cases cited where people who end up with one as a gift within a few days give it to a friend or relative. This could happen any number of times with the animal being shuttled from one family to the next. Sadly, all too often they end up in an animal shelter. The experts say it's

not worth taking the chance of giving a dog as a gift when the odds of that happening are so high.