A great deal of talk of late over the idea of Equal Work for Equal Pay, but one movie maker thinks he may have an idea for leveling the playing field--but is it the right way?

MLive.com is reporting today that controversial filmmaker Michael Moore is now charging men attending films in his two theaters in Traverse City 25% more than their female counterparts.

He made the announcement on Twitter.

Equal Pay Day fell on April 8th year year.  That's the amount of time some estimate women work for free due to higher wages for men than women in the workplace.  A report this week also found the disparity begins soon after graduation.

The report says the 25% "sir" charge was confirmed for admittance Tuesday into Moore's State Theatre in downtown Traverse City and the nearby Bijou By the Bay Theatre located on the waterfront.

There is no word yet on whether the policy will continue.

While some applaud the idea, others say fair treatment is what women are seeking, not discrimination against men or anyone else.

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